The Maension – Raevolution World Tour 7. Dez.

The Maension (US) with Straitjacket (GER)

Eintritt: 12€ VVK | 15€ AK (Tickets: 04423 9167660) Promo Video: MAENSION is an international band based out of Hollywood, CA & Naples Italy.Mark Maension and his crew were all born and raised in different countries (USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Ukraine). Their international heritage is reflected in the reach of their global touring and creative approach to music, with their high production live show being a must-see to understand their enticing appeal.Back in 2015 THE MAENSION took a very bold decision, they sold their cars, let go of their jobs and apartments in LA and hit the road for good. Embarking in their 1st World Tour (self-funded and self-booked) playing 126 shows in 12 countries in 12 months, covering every state of mainland USA, Canada & 10 European countries including UK and Germany.The constant touring schedule got the band a lot of attention, including keytarist Skye being nominated as one of the “Top 25 Women in Hard Rock & Metal for 2015” from Metalholic.Following the success of their year-long Ævol World Tour 2015 the band was ready to channel the inspiration and excitement derived from all that traveling into to channel the inspiration and excitement derived from all that traveling into new music and a fresh new image.At their return to the US, they spent the first 5 months of 2016 in a 50’s farm house in Los Angeles where Singer/Producer Mark Maension setup his mobile recording studio with his collection of analog gear and started experimenting with newer sounds and fresh ideas for the record. The body of that work culminated in 12 sounds and fresh ideas for the record. The body of that work culminated in 12 songs defining the band’s new sound, leaving their progressive side behind in favor of more traditional song structures and giving Mark’s vocals and Skye’s keytar a bigger role in shaping the sound of the band.The album titled RÆVOLUTION explores themes of social interest varying from politics (Say It), social injustice (Imagine Tomorrow), environment (The Engineer) while also touching on other subjects, ranging from the kinky (Master/Slave) to the uplifting (Happy). Producer Mitchell Marlow (In This Moment, Filter, Butcher Babies..) was brought in to add additional production on 2 songs likely to be chosen as singles.In June after completing their new album RÆVOLUTION they started their 2nd World Tour covering all of USA, Canada, UK & Europe, clocking in another 116 shows in 14 countries!The band has opened for Mudvayne, In This Moment, MushroomHead, Ministry, Otep, Non Point, Head PE, Christian Death and played big Festivals in USA, Canada and Europe (SXSW TX, LocoFest FL, MetaLocaLypstickFest BC, Birdman UK ) as well as venues ranging from 100 to 1000 capacity.Their previous album ÆVOLUTION, released in exclusive trough topped at #36 on the CMJ LOUD ROCK top 40 charts for USA and Canada, with THE MAENSION being the only unsigned band on that chart!ÆVOLUTION includes ‘CHRYSALIS’ featuring a vocal cameo by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and ‘FREAK’ mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, SOAD..) which was featured in the movie ‘Hold Your Breath’ released in theaters in USA and on TV channels around the world.Press and Radio in Europe and USA has unanimously agreed to the originality of THE MAENSION and their crossover potential between Rock & Metal.“LOVE THEM!“ – KBSU Radio Station, USA“MARK MAENSION CAN UNPACK THE ROCK VOICE“ – Conny, Deepground.deGERMANY „VERY DIFFERENT SOUNDING!“ – CHMR Radio Station, CANADA“I LIKE THAT! I LIKE THAT A LOT, I DIG IT.“ – WLJS Radio Station, USA“THE MAENSION ARE SPACEY, FASCINATING PROGRESSIVE ROCK.““ – Nina Mende, UKTheir live set list also includes songs from their debut EP INTROSPECTION, which won them the ‚Hollywood Rock Band of the Year Award‘ at LAMA. The first single ‘LIZARD EYES’ off the EP was featured in a commercial aired on MTV, VH1 and Spike and their second single ‘HEDONISTIC GOAT’ was featured in the movie 12/12/12 released on SyFi, RedBox and Netflix. THE MAENSION was also included in the book „Alice In Chains: In The Studio“ as one of the best upcoming bands influenced by AIC.THE MAENSION is managed by Gunter and Alexander Ford of World Entertainment Inc. (SYMPHONY X, MORBID ANGEL, NILE, KINGS X, GRIP INC, DAVE LOMBARDO, KREATOR for N/AMERICA, TERRORIZER, TAPPING THE VEIN, UNLEASHED, LAST PERFECT THING, GOD FORBID, POWERGLOVE, KING’S OF SPADE, EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT, HARPER’S FELLOW, THE MAENSION).

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